Family Photo Friday


It's Friday once again. That means Family Photo Friday! This week I somehow managed to take lots of shots of my son, in all his adorableness, and only a few of my daughter. But here you go!

There's just something about overalls on kids. I love them!

My daughter - the reader. She is reading 200-300 pages of books daily... NOT for school, but for fun!

My son. Diaper only. Pink umbrella. Fishing hat. Dancing around the living room. Priceless!

My daughter has gone through phases where she's enjoyed playing the piano and then where she dislikes it. She is now back into a "I want to learn to play the piano" phase. I'm giving it some time to see if she's serious about wanting to do lessons or if she just wants to play around informally.

A big cheesy grin from my son, with pink sunglasses on his head. What a peanut!

My husband is excited to take the kids fishing this summer. My son is equally excited, because he has his own fishing pole and fishing hat!

Happy Memorial Weekend to one and all!


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