Girl Scouts: Camporee


Last weekend my daughter and I attended Girl Scout Camporee! This was held at a camp just about 10 minutes from our home. We arrived at 9:00 Saturday morning and left Sunday morning around 11, as the last of our troop girls was picked up. I chaperoned the event along with our troop leader. We had 4 girls spend the night, including my daughter, and 1 girl stay for only the day on Saturday. But Camporee is an event for all the Girl Scouts in a region, so there were nearly 100 girls in all, from numerous troops in our area. The theme was Hawaiian Luau, so the girls enjoyed...

making grass skirts and flower leis, as well as learning what their name would be in Hawaiian (with only 13 of the 26 letters we know, vowels between every consonant, and every word must end in a vowel)

how to hula dance

pineapple relays with balloons

parachute games

and of course campfires and smores!

We enjoyed ourselves. It rained only briefly on Saturday, so we were still able to have all of the outdoor activities that were planned. Overall, a good camping experience for mother and daughter!


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