Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again! Let the good times roll! :-) And the month of April is coming to a close already. May is just around the corner... and all of the splendor of spring with it! Friday around here means the posting of family photos. Here are a few shots from our week.

This picture cracks me up. My son dumped ALL of the crayons onto the table. When it came time to pick them up, he insisted that he needed to go get his "crane" from the bathroom. I had no clue what he was talking about. He returns with a mini hair clip and starts to pick up the crayons one by one with the hair clip! Silly, silly boy!

Adopted Grandparents Greg and Ruth came by last weekend with some Easter gifts for the kids. One gift was a memory card game. When all the cards were punched out of the grids, we had 6 grids that looked like window panes. So my daughter and I drew pictures and used the grids to make them look like a neat window scene.

My son loves to be working alongside Daddy. Here he put his "car" up on the ramps, just as Daddy had done.

And here is the little man's lawnmower next to Daddy's big mower. Side by side. So cute.

My daughter made this Lego bridge with an American flag in it (see it - the blue area for the stars and the red and white stripes). Creative play.

This picture represents hours and hours of work for me this week. Stored in my basement are almost 100 of these Avon boxes, full of children's clothes. These clothes were stored at my mother-in-law's home until recently when I took over the storage. It is FINALLY time to do some serious sorting. This picture shows approximately 40 boxes, which is what is left after pulling out all stained/old/torn clothes (which was about 15 boxes worth). I also pulled out about 4 boxes of items that may be worth something at the consignment shop. No guarantee, but it's worth a try. I also pulled out 3 boxes of items that I want to keep for future children or foster children. All of what is left will attempt to be sold at a garage sale or craigslist sale to someone who can use them. These boxes represent ONLY the girls clothes from size infant through size 5! I haven't even began with the size 6 up through 16 or the boys clothes! But I am pleased with what's been accomplished so far... and it motivates me to continue on!

Happy weekend to one and all!


Lauren Dixon said...

What's a lovely kid.
I Don't wanna mow the lawn.
My son ask me if he can.
Oh it's very dangerous for kid to do that,
maybe I should buy Mower toy for him.
Thank for the inspiration My Heart Song.

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