Thankful Thursday


It really is the little things in life that we take for granted and don't realize how much we appreciate them until we have to live without them!

Take doing laundry, for instance.

When first married, my hubby and I lived in downtown Chicago in a very small one-bedroom apartment. Laundry facilities for the entire building were a few stories below us so we hauled our laundry (and a stack of quarters) there once a week.

When we then moved back to northern Indiana with our newborn baby girl, we were again in an apartment with no laundry facilities in our unit. However, we were now living closer to my husband's parents who graciously allowed us to do all of our laundry at their house. Bless my mother-in-law's heart, she washed, dried and folded most of it for us each week!

When we then purchased our first home, we had a "laundry room" but it was totally demolished during the major remodeling job of the kitchen and bathroom and laundry room. It was unfinished for almost 2 years (you can read about the remodel and see pictures here), during which time we continued to let my mother-in-law bless us! :-)

When we finally had laundry facilities in our own home, available to use 24 hours a day without inserting coins... I was ecstatic! I don't know if anyone was ever so excited to do laundry!

And that feeling has never really gone away. I actually enjoy doing laundry and seeing the pile of dirty clothes dwindle in size.

Sometimes when we do without something, we can more clearly see its value. Now I no longer take my washer or dryer for granted. Instead I am thankful that I have such conveniences because I well remember the inconvenience of not having them!

So today I am thankful for washers and dryers.

What are you most thankful for today?


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