More Deals Around Town


I made a trip to CVS yesterday and took home a bag full of deals!

For everything in the picture, I paid around $21 and got back $10 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs - like a gift card to use on future purchases at CVS).

1 big box of diapers (this alone usually costs around $20)
1 Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush (I had a rain check from last year when this was deeply discounted and generated ECBs in return; this is usually priced around $35)
6 Dawn dish soaps (99 cents this week and I had coupons making it even less)
1 Crest mouth wash
2 Oral-B manual toothbrushes
1 Aussie shampoo
1 Herbal Essence hair gel
2 candy bars that failed to make it into the picture

How did I do it?
*Sales - check out the sales ad, even a few days in advance by signing up at
*Coupons - check out sites like for a list of the current week's sales and where to find coupons to make those sale prices even lower
*Using ECBs I'd already earned from a previous purchase to pay for these purchases, which generated new ECBs. This is called rolling and I try to keep my ECBs rolling as much as possible, to keep my actual out-of-pocket costs very low.
*CVS released a coupon this week for $5 off a $40 purchase, if you "like" them on Facebook. This coupon could be used in conjunction with others to make the grand total even less.

I have been taking a break from "the drug store game" and focusing more on other things. But the deals this week and the extra coupons I had available compelled me to make the trip. I'm glad I did. It feels good to get a great deal!


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