Book Review: Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure

A few weeks back, I won a copy of the book Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure. Since the subtitle is: motivation for physical and spiritual fitness, it was appropriate that I read most of the book while jogging on the treadmill!

I enjoyed the personal stories that Candace shared. Some from her years of acting on Full House. Some from her family as she grew up. And many from her current life as a wife and mom.

But the bulk of the book is real-life encouragement for those of us trying to become more physically fit. As a committed Christian, Candace shares Bible verses to back up points she makes and she generally has a biblical worldview that comes through the words of the book. She also shared a favorite recipe at the end of each chapter, which is a practical way to encourage readers to try some healthier food options.

Candace shares many practical words of advice. She gave numerous examples of what accountability can look like. She devoted a chapter to helping us appreciate the life, health, body, spirit and mind God gave to us, regardless of whether we think we could shed a few pounds or be more disciplined. She focused on the need for follow-through when we've made up our mind to make changes - and listed out some ways to keep that momentum going when the going gets tough.

I appreciated the chapter that focused on self-discipline in all areas of life (from physical fitness to eating in moderation to a maintaining clutter-free home). This is an area of my life that God has been dealing with me on already, so that chapter confirmed what He was already speaking to me about.

I liked the fact that the book didn't just focus on the physical, but tied in the mental side of things, as well as the spiritual. In that way, the focus was more on the whole person and not just on weight loss or even just physical health.

I was challenged in some ways.

I was encouraged in many ways.

I admit this is the first fitness-type book I've ever read. And I probably would not have picked this one up except for the fact that I won it and it appeared on my doorstep! But I appreciated this book and would recommend it to anyone else on this trek towards physical fitness (not from an obsession-with-looking-good perspective, but rather a Biblical seeing-myself-as-God-sees-me perspective).

Two thumbs up for Reshaping It All!


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