Deals Around Town


I made a quick trip to CVS this week. I picked up everything in this picture for 74 cents! I consider that to be a successful shopping trip!

*I Box of Contact Solution
*2 CVS Hand Sanitzer
*6 Mentos Gum
*1 Russell Stover Easter Egg
*1 Hershey Candy Bar

I had $10 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs - like a gift card that can be used for future CVS purchases) when I entered the store. I also had a rain check for an item that was on sale last week but was sold out. I also had some free item coupons that I'd printed at home from last week when they were being super generous.

When I entered CVS, I went straight to the coupon printing machine. This is always my first stop in the store. Why? Because sometimes you can score a coupon like I did on this visit - $4 off a purchase of $20.

I made sure I bought just $20 worth of products (hence, the gum which was my filler item). Then I used the $4 off coupon. Then I handed over the other coupons I had which brought my total down to about $11. Then I gave them the $10 Extra Care Bucks and I only had to pay 74 cents! I also walked out of the store with $10 in Extra Care Bucks for a future purchase.

Can you see why I love CVS?!


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