Homeschool: Girl Scouts and Origami


Last week our Girl Scout troop learned how to make Origami Cranes. In this picture, the girls are showing off their "tiaras." We named different steps in the process and at this stage our creations looked more like tiaras or crowns than cranes... but we were just two steps away from having finished cranes.

This craft was centered around the current disasters in Japan. When 9/11 happened, the Girl Scouts of Japan sent 1000 paper cranes to the Girl Scouts of America as a show of support during a difficult time. Now, the tables are turned and we want to show our support for Japan. The 1000 cranes are symbolic in Japan as a sign of support and well-wishing. Our troop is made up of Christians, so we didn't just make the cranes but also prayed for those suffering in Japan as well.

If you've never tried Origami... well, it's hard! There is special thin paper made from rice that makes the folding easier. However, there are still a dozen or so steps involved and keeping them straight is a challenge.

The combined efforts of all of the local Girl Scout troops made the local paper (you can read that article by clicking here).


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