Works for Me Wednesday - Adopted Grandparents

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about those folks you know that don't have family nearby or who could just use some extra loving!

In our family, we have Greg and Ruth. We met them about 2 years ago when my husband was doing genealogy research and realized that these folks had the same last name and live nearby. Out of the blue, he called up Greg. They got together over breakfast to see if they were long-lost relatives... and indeed they were!
So now we have gotten together many times with Greg and Ruth. They joined us for Christmas. They were MAJOR HELP last year during our move. They have no kids of their own, so we let them be like Grandma and Grandpa to our children.
They play along and are fun to be around - and I think they like us too! :-)

(my daughter and Ruth making Valentines, cutting out hearts)

Take a minute to think about those you know who could use a phone call, a Valentine, a letter, a visit or a conversation over coffee... or maybe consider visiting a nursing home to "adopt" someone who rarely has visitors... or get to know a widow from your church. The point is - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Adopt-a-Grandparent - it works for me!


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