Tuesday To-Do's

Tuesday. Tuesday.

I'm happy to report that my son is starting to regain his strength and energy. His fever is subsiding and I see more and more of his usual spunky self coming through. No explanation for his fever, according to the doctor. We're thankful that he seems to be getting better on his own.

On today's TO DO agenda:

  • homeschool with my daughter
  • vacuum all carpets (this is my son's current favorite chore to help with - loves to push the vacuum around the house). Also need to sweep all hardwood floors.
  • get back on track with meals. I have a meal plan for the week but have taken the last 2 nights off and need to get back into the swing of things
  • make a bare bones grocery list and go shopping tonight after kids are in bed (It's the end of the month, so our grocery budget is almost entirely spent. What remains will be spent tonight on these last few items to get us through the end of the month)
Just got to thinking about another list, probably even more important than the above one.

The TO BE list:
  • be patient with my daughter when she doesn't quickly grasp new concepts
  • be gentle with my son who needs to be cuddled as he recovers from his sickness
  • be kind towards my family
  • be slow to anger and slow to speak
  • be quick to smile (I don't do this enough any more, I hate to admit) and laugh
  • be an example of Jesus' love and grace and acceptance in my home
I challenge you, as I do myself, to remember that who you are today is more important than what you accomplish!


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