Homeschooling: Little House Pretzel Cabin

My daughter (age 6) and I are currently reading THE BIG HOUSE IN THE LITTLE WOODS - the first book in the LITTLE HOUSE series. We've done a few pioneer-days projects related to the reading, but this log cabin project was my daughter's favorite! My daughter absolutely LOVED this project.

It was very simple. Just an empty milk carton (the school lunch kind). Spread on some peanut butter to act as glue. Stick on the pretzel sticks and Chex cereal for windows/doors. You could use a marshmallow (as I did) or a Rollo candy for a chimney. I put ours on a piece of cardboard, on which we glued some parsley and other spices to look like grass. It was very easy and turned out great! As you can see, my daughter was very proud of her work.

I must admit, I got this idea (and lots of my favorite project ideas) here at my favorite homeschooling blog.


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