Homeschooling: Learning through Food

Our pastor, who is a former missionary, gave us a kids cookbook at Christmas - Recipes from the 10/40 Window. He said that he remember having a conversation in the past about how to instill a love for other cultures in kids (and along the way encourage them to consider missions in their future), and he saw this book as a part of that process. So far we have enjoyed torte from Azerbaijan and fried plantains (bananas) from Burkina Faso. There will be more to come.

Food is a fun way to tie in many other lessons (not the least of which is how abundantly blessed we Americans are as far as food choices and portion sizes go). These recipes have already made us grab the globe to discover new places, as well as opened up some conversations about other countries, including what people believe about Jesus or other gods. So although the food starts the conversation, it goes far beyond that and often ends with praying for those in these far off places who don't the love of the Father.

Bon appetit!


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