Yes, a garden!

At our new place, we have not yet had a garden. The yard is actually quite a mess and needs a lot of clean up - including roots and stumps to be removed, as well as major weeds - not to mention the clay soil that makes it hard to dig in.

That was the garden at our previous house. Oh, how we hated leaving it (and are saddened to see that the new owners are letting the weeds take over the garden boxes). But here we are - would love a garden, but...

Last weekend we bit the bullet and made some space. Both my hubby and I worked for many hours weeding, digging up plants and small stumps, turning sod. Our city has compost free for the taking (if you load it yourself) so we now have some compost mixed in with the soil.

Next up, deciding what to plant and getting the seeds in the ground. Likely candidates: cucumbers, peppers, corn, beans

I love gardening for 2 main reasons: it can save money on fresh veggies (and I love sharing from the bounty of the garden with others) but it's also such a great educational opportunity with kids.

The law of sowing and reaping, the necessity of nutrients, the process of how food goes from the farm to the market, the requirement of work in order to get the desired food in the end, the miracle of life bursting forth from a tiny seed... all this and more coming from discussions taking place in the garden!

Got to love spring and planting time!


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