Menu Plan Monday

As promised last week, I have compiled a list of 30 menu ideas - meals that my family enjoys that we could rotate through on a 4-week/once-a-month basis. This really isn't hard. Just sit down with your family and think of what meals you all enjoy. Simple brainstorming produced at least 15 of these ideas. Then I thumbed through my recipe files and found the other 15 meals that we have had in the past and liked. I also came up with others that are good for occasional meals, but not ones that we want in our regular rotation.

Here is my list of main dishes only (a side of veggies is assumed with all our meals):
1. tuna cakes (made with stuffing) - serve plain or on buns
2. mac and cheese lasagna
3. creamy baked chicken over pasta
4. french onion pork chop skillet
5. wet burrito casserole
6. meatloaf
7. sloppy joes
8. crispy country chicken and potato wedges
9. zesty cheeseburger mac casserole
10. chicken cutlets and rice (my mom's recipe - and it is wonderful!)
11. angel chicken and pasta
12. tater tot casserole
13. homemade chicken and noodles
14. homemade pizza
15. tacos / burritos / enchiladas / quesadillas
16. ham and bean soup
17. diced ham with pasta alfredo
18. chicken pot pie
19. homemade spaghetti or baked spaghetti
20. crisp-n-creamy baked chicken
21. ranch chicken strips
22. tuna swiss pie
23. chicken cordon bleu
24. hot dogs, french fries
25. bowtie pasta bake with ham
26. pasta primavera pronto with chicken
27. chicken parmesan alfredo
28. meatballs or meatball stroganoff
29. ham and scalloped potatoes
30. chicken lasagna
31. cheeseburger soup / potato soup / chili / tomato soup and grilled cheese

Occasional items:

Just having this in writing is good for me. Now when I "shop the pantry" (see what I have on hand in the pantry, fridge and freezer), I can create my menu matching what I have on hand with the meals that we all enjoy.

If you still need more ideas, go here to find another family's top menu ideas or you can always visit Menu Plan Monday for hundreds of menus and recipes!


Robin said...

I used a 30 Day meal plan once. It was all organized in a binder with all the recipes and shopping lists. Hmmm... I wonder where that is...

Have a yummy month.


p.s. I have a giveaway going this week. Come and enter.

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