Works for Me Wednesday - Bar Keepers Friend

Have you ever heard of Bar Keeper's Friend?
It's a non-chlorine bleach household cleaner, whose motto I heartily endorse: Once Tried, Always Used! This stuff is powerful when it comes to attacking dirt and grime. Want proof?

This is one of the tubs in my home. It's nasty. It came this way - I've just been putting off doing anything about it until recently. Honestly, I wasn't sure the tub even could be cleaned.

I tried Comet. It barely touched the grime and that was after major scrubbing. Then I pulled out Bar Keeper's Friend. Still took some scrubbing, but this stuff really got to the bottom of the caked-on nastiness. In the picture, the white spots are the areas I've done so far. I'm amazed and have a renewed hope that the tub just might be able to be white again!

Give Bar Keeper's Friend a try.
Here is a list of household uses.

It can be found at any grocery store, in the cleaning aisle.
Works for me!


Katia said...

Thanks for sharing, I have seen this but never gave it a try, I must try it next time I am buying cleaning supplies.

The Saved Quarter said...

I love Bar Keeper's Friend! It's cheap, environmentally friendly, and effective. What more could you want!?

Annikke said...

My sister in law just told me about this stuff... it is amazing! I had a pan that had some burned on food and she told me to try bar Keepers Friend..... the food came right off! It was amazing!

The Mom said...

I love Bar Keeper's Friend. It is great for porcelain sink scratches. I use if for a ton of stuff!

Jenny said...

I've heard of this also, but haven't tried it yet. I must get some!

Meredith said...

We live in a rental home, and I've pretty much gotten used to our stained tub after scrubbing and scrubbing it on multiple occasions with no luck. I'll be picking up a can of this on my next shopping trip before I completely give up. Thanks for the tip!

Susan said...

I love bar keepers friend! although I haven't bought it in years. I was given a set of copper bottom stainless steel pans and the copper bottom needs cleaned bad. I rememeberd how well bar keepers friend used to clean mine many moons ago. I could really use some of that bar keepers friend right about now and cannot seem to find it at the store. What store do you find it at? I live in northern Indiana also.

Melissa said...

I'm impressed! I'll be giving it a try. Thanks!

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