Family Photo Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! As usual, here are a few photos from our week... representing a couple of memories I don't want to forget!

My son's first big scrape (won't be his last, I suspect)... one minute chasing a ball down the driveway, next minute face in the driveway! A bloody mess to clean up, but looked a lot better the next day - when this picture was taken.

My daughter, the bug-catcher. We had such beautiful spring weather this week - we enjoyed many hours outside.

This picture is to remind me of precious moments with my son. He loves to take baths, but when he's done he wants to be wrapped up in two towels and laid on the changing table. He lays there and says he wants to "weep" (sleep). So I let him lay there to be warm, cozy and cuddly for a few minutes while I pick out clothes for him. It's just a sweet moment, all bundled up and all smiles.

My daughter grabbed a Bible from the bookshelf to look up this week's memory verse for Wednesday night's Kids Club at church. My son didn't want to be left out - so he grabbed a Bible too and plopped down next to big sister to read about "Je-tuh" in the "Bi-bo." :-)

Another beautiful picture of my daughter. 6 years has gone by fast. She is growing up. So pretty and innocent. And her character is growing more beautiful every day too. Parenting a 6-year-old is fun - she is helpful, asks very thought-provoking questions, and can do many tasks independently. She is a joy to parent!

Happy First-Weekend-of-Spring, one and all!


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