Homeschool Freebies

I had a very busy weekend, in part because I agreed to work at a local homeschool convention on Friday night and all day Saturday. Although it was very tiring, I greatly enjoyed talking with other homeschooling families. I was also compensated for my time and was able to freely take some of the books that had not sold when the convention was all over.

Here's what I received for FREE, in addition to lots of encouragement :-)

2nd-4th grade spelling books, 2nd grade handwriting book, numerous readers (grade 4-8), two 8th grade civics/American history texts plus a few other books that didn't make it into this picture.

For now, we are focusing on wrapping up 1st grade - we have less than 30 days of school left before my daughter will be an official 2nd grader!! And a few of these free books will be incorporated into our curriculum for next year. Thanks, Christian Liberty Press!


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