Family Photo Friday

I just can't believe it but Friday is here again. As usual, here are some snapshots of our week.

This is a typical scene around our home - my kids playing in a "blanket house" together. Here they were trying to sleep. My daughter was pretending well. My son - no way he's gonna close his eyes when it's play time!

This isn't exactly a member of our family, but it's our neighbor Sarah - our 12-year-old neighbor who spends time at our house a few times a week. We had such wonderful spring weather this week that we were outside every chance we got. When Sarah showed up, she wanted to climb one of our trees so that became the challenge for the next hour. Finally she got her up there and we took a picture!

My son loves to help Dad. Here he is helping change the oil in our van with Dad. So precious to see him loving the time with Dad but learning in the process!

Happy Friday, y'all!


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