Family Photo Friday

Once again, it's Friday and I can't believe another week has come and gone. March is on its way out already! Wow!

As is my Friday custom, here are pictures from our week.

We have a sleeper sofa in our living room. My daughter calls it "The Couch Bed." As a rare treat, I pull it out and the kids enjoy playing on it. So one day this week they had fun "on the couch bed."

My son is at that age where he ADORES balloons. He just giggles while batting at it and pulling the string. Fun times with such a simple thing.

My kids love blanket houses and forts. This week my son hid out under the kid table as a little house (this picture was of the beginning stages... because once my daughter joined in it expanded to include room for her, at least a dozen toys, 2 pillows and 4 blankets!)

Yesterday I took advantage of this deal at Target to get the Battleship game for only $2! I figured this would be a great new game to teach my daughter... and I was right. She loved playing it last night for the first time!

Happy last-Friday-of-March! Make it a good one!


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