Found anything free lately?

I did some grocery shopping last weekend. I was pleased with my purchases - staying within our food budget and finding a dozen or more free or close-to-free items. We have been experimenting a bit with our grocery budget - seeing how low we can go, basically. Finding freebies certainly helps!

In this picture are items that were free or less than $1 each at Kroger and WalMart last week. Thanks to coupons paired with good sales, the prices on these were super low. Visine for 34 cents. Oreos and Cheese Nips for FREE ($1 each paired with $1 off coupon). The small packs of q-tips were free with coupon. The Pulls Up flushable wipes were less than 25 cents. The 5 pounds bags of flour were priced at $1.50 at WalMart and I had 75-cents-off coupons, so that was a great deal on flour! I won the free jar of Planters Peanuts from Kroger by playing Kroger's March to Savings sweepstakes game here.

I took a few weeks off from CVS deals, but have now jumped back in. Above are 6 items I got for less than $2 total and I earned back $3 in Extra Care Bucks (like a CVS gift card to spend on future purchases). Love that!

Have any superstar deals in your neck of the woods? Found anything free lately? I'd love to hear about it!


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