Never Forget


Children in heaven. 
Babies we never got to hold (yet). 
Burying our kids. 
We will never forget. 

It was 2 years ago this week that we lost a baby through miscarriage for the first time. 
Grant David. 

Of course we didn't know then that we would lose 2 more babies in the next 18 months. 

And of course we didn't know that we would now be expecting again.

The first time was the hardest. 
Caught completely off guard. Grief. Depression. Despair. Walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Learning to trust God in the dark.
Finding the solid rock of faith beneath our feet 
when all else seemed to fall away. 

But here we are. Two years later. 
God has walked with us through the difficulties. 
God has renewed our hope. 
God has given us a deep longing for heaven, as flesh-of-our-flesh and bone-of-our-bone are already there in heaven waiting for us. 

I wouldn't wish what we've been through upon anyone. 
And yet I can see how we've grown through it and how God is proven faithful through it. 

Grant, Hope and Isaac. 
We love you and miss you! 
We'll see you soon enough 
when we all walk with the Lord for all eternity.


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