Diaper Stockpiling


Now that we're past the riskiest time of pregnancy as far as miscarriages go, it seems that we're having a baby in December! That means that it's time to start thinking and planning ahead. One of the things I can do now to prepare for baby is stock up on diapers when they are on sale.

CVS has a good deal on diapers this week. Buy $30 worth of baby products, then receive $12 in Extra Care Bucks (like a CVS gift card to be used for future purchases). Items included in this deal: Huggies and Pampers diapers are both $9.49, Huggies wipes are $3.00, Desitin diaper cream, Johnson's baby oil, as well as numerous other baby products included.

There are numerous coupons out there for Huggies and Pampers diapers right now that can be paired with this sale. I also had $4 Extra Care Bucks from a previous purchase that I used. I also received a promotional coupon from CVS for $4 off a $20 purchase, which I also used. In the end, I spent $17 out of pocket and got the $12 Extra Care Bucks to be used in the future. That makes it almost like spending just $5 to get 3 packs of diapers and a package of wipes. Good deal! 

Amazon.com also has occasional deals on diapers, so I've been watching those and using Amazon gift cards that I've earned through Swagbucks to get those for cheap or free too. 

 A few random points on diapering:

*I buy size 2 diapers whenever possible. My babies tend to be large, almost beyond the size 1 diapers at birth. Babies generally are in the size 2 diapers for most of the first year, so that is the size I stock up on. 

*Huggies are my preferred brand, with Pampers as a second. I've never had much success with Luvs. 

*I will combine both disposable diapers and cloth diapering with the new baby. I tried cloth diapering with my 5-year-old son back in the day and still have most of the supplies. I found cloth diapering to be a way to save major money, so I plan to go that route again.


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