Garden Update


The garden. 
I personally have been doing very little work with it. Despite my absence, it's doing just fine - thanks to my husband, who faithfully tends to it. 

In the last week or so, we've enjoyed lots of fresh lettuce and radishes. The radishes are already done and their spot in the garden has been cleared out! They grow fast - we planted them in mid April and before mid June they were totally harvested and done! My husband and daughter enjoyed eating them in salads and we shared dozens of them with other friends and neighbors.

Everything else is growing well. The broccoli looks like it will be ready soon. Same goes for the turnips. Bean plants are shooting upward, ready for a trellis to climb. Corn is on target to be knee-high by the 4th of July... or taller. 

Our garden remains a source of joy to our family. My daughter is enjoying helping Daddy with it more and more. Sharing the harvest is one of the best things about summer - a great opportunity to bless neighbors. And of course we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labors at the dinner table as well. It really is a joy!


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