Farewell to Weezy


This is a sad post to write. 
A few days ago our pet bird Weezy flew the coop, literally.

We've owned Weezy for 3 years or so. She's brought much joy to our household, especially to our kids and to guests in our home. Dozens of friends that visit us have enjoyed seeing Weezy too. Last year, we even took Weezy to a Show-and-Tell class at our homeschool co-op and we taught the other children a bit about what it's like to care for a pet bird. 

About 2 years ago we started letting Weezy fly around our house. She enjoyed her freedom. She had favorite places to perch, such as curtain rods in the dining room and the playroom. She navigated throughout the house well, always knowing how to get back to her cage. We often would leave her cage door open, so she could come and go as she pleased. She was a happy bird, enjoying the freedom she had in our home. 

Last week I had windows open, with screens closed, to let in the breeze. Weezy was out flying around, as usual. She perched by the window, which she often did, and was chirping with the birds outside. Never before had she pecked, chewed or gnawed at the screen. But on this day, she did. We didn't notice. When we left the room, Weezy stayed by the window, pecking away at the screen. About an hour later, my daughter was frantic as she realized that Weezy pecked a hole in the screen big enough to fly out and Weezy was gone! 

We spent the rest of that day in the backyard calling for Weezy, blaring a recording of her chirps and tweets. But Weezy was gone for good. We didn't see or hear any hint of her still being within hearing range during our search.

Farewell, Weezy! We miss you.

PS: These thoughts immediately came to mind about Weezy's escape to "freedom." Weezy loved the freedom she had in our home, but she didn't realize it was limited freedom. She was free and safe, because there were walls of security, boundaries that kept her safe. She sought more freedom, the complete freedom of the outdoors. But she was not prepared for that freedom. She knows nothing of predators, of hunting for food, of cold nights. This reminds me of young people who seek freedom way before they are ready for it. Little do they know - when they decide to run away or try to make it on their own - what a big, dark world it is out there. There are predators lurking about that they aren't prepared for. There is responsibility to be had. Hard work to be done to stay alive "out there" in the land of complete freedom. While freedom may be limited at home, it is a safe place. The walls provide safe boundaries and parents should provide the training necessary to prepare young people for the world out there, which they will enter in due time. It was not Weezy's time, but she chose a life of complete freedom. Now, however, I bet that she would gladly trade the life she is living, wherever it is out there in the wild, for the freedom and safety she had in our home. The security of walls. The boundaries that provide safety.


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