Family Photo Friday


Friday has rolled around once again, which is when I try to post some family photos. Here are a few recent ones.

I've been doing some "school" with my son. Nothing heavy, but some work with letter recognition and sounds. On this particular day, we talked about the short i and short a sounds. I would say a word (like hit or igloo or hat or apple) and he would hold up the letter sound that he heard. 
A fun way to learn sounds.

Cousin Racquel was over last weekend for a sleepover. She and my daughter dressed up for church on Sunday in these similar dresses. They are both 9 years old right now... until my daughter turns 10 in August. 
Turning into quite the young ladies, though they have always loved playing dress-up together.

This was just plain silly. I got a mailer from Blue Bunny ice cream with a coupon for a FREE box of ice cream bars. Yummy and thank-you! My daughter found this pop-up part of the mailer, ripped it off and pretended it was a real ice cream bar. I took a picture just for fun. It does look real, but it was totally just paper in her hand. 

Happy Friday to you!


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