4H Fair Project


My son recently made a project for the 4H fair. 
I love that they have projects for little ones - they call them CloverBuds and Mini 4-H when they are younger than 3rd grade (that is when they can take part in "real" 4H, competing against others). The little ones do simple projects and everyone gets a ribbon (no competition). 

My son had trouble deciding which project to choose this year, out of the idea book with about 2 dozen different choices. In the end, he chose the same thing he did last year: making something out of homemade playdough.

He chose blue again (his favorite color).

I do like the homemade playdough over the store-bought stuff. Ours is very soft and stays soft. It's also very easy to make.

The homemade playdough led to an hour or so of playdough fun before he settled on what he wanted to make for the actual project: cookie cut-outs of farm animals and a few other random shapes. 



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