Mailbox Monday


Here are a few of the freebies I received in the mail recently.

All of this for free: a Huggies onesie, 1 high-value Huggies coupon, 2 samples of Huggies diapers, 2 samples of an off-brand diaper, a free Scholastic book for my daughter (part of a summer reading program deal), and a free copy of the book "No Longer a Slumdog" (still available here). All free. All received in the mail. Can't beat it!

A sample of Motts for Tots apple juice, along with 3 coupons.

Not a mailbox freebie, but an exciting deal:
Last week at CVS I was able to get a pack of gum, 2 bottles of body wash and 2 candy bars for less than 25 cents total! I didn't get a picture of that deal, but it sure felt good to use spare change to pick up 5 items!

Three cheers for deals!


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