Deals Around Town


After taking some time off of deal hunting, here are some deals I found last week around town.

These "back to school" items were super cheap at CVS last week, due to sales and Extra Care Bucks that I had accumulated. For 6 rolls of tape and an 8-pack of pens, I paid a few cents for tax but earned back $2 in Extra Care Bucks to spend on a future purchase at CVS.

Dawn dish soap is on sale at Kroger for $1, which ended up being free after using a 50cent coupon that was doubled to $1. I had 3 such coupons, so 3 free bottles of Dawn. It has been years since I've paid for dish soap, thanks to repeated deals like this on Dawn. I had a coupon for a free bottle of Country Bob's steak sauce, so that was completely free also.

These items were not free but were less than $1 each, thanks to coupons. Pull-up flushable wipes were 18 cents. Crest was 25 cents per tube. Bengay ointment was 98 cents after a $5off coupon. A 12-pack of disposable razors was also 98 cents.

The best deal of the week, though, were our oodles of free blueberries! My old college roommate lives less than an hour away. Each year she graciously invites anyone to harvest blueberries on a few acres in her backyard. We always take her up on the offer, as my family loves blueberries. Here are 13 quart bags of blueberries that we will freeze and use throughout the year for snacks and baking. Thank you, Leah!

Here's to saving money on these "small" things so we can spend on what is truly important in our lives!


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