Both my daughter and I celebrate our birthdays in early August.
And my husband's birthday is in mid-July, so in a matter of 3 weeks we do a lot of celebrating! In my mind, that's what summer is for!

My sister-in-law bought me a beautiful necklace from Nepal (bought at church on Sunday from some missionaries who work in Nepal and teach indigenous women to create this jewelry, then they sell it in the US when the missionaries are home on furlough). I'm not a big jewelry fan, but I do love the color and texture of this necklace. Thanks, Sheila!

My daughter's friend (and neighbor) Sarah gave her a Make-It-And-Bake-It craft kit. These are like stained glass projects but instead of paint they use colored beads (like sand) that melt in the oven to create a smooth stained-glass look. They went to work immediately on these.

My daughter received an Easy Bake oven from Grandma K.

So it wasn't long before she had an Easy-Bake-oven-made birthday cake ready to eat.

We also celebrated with our local family, enjoying food and fun.

My kids received an unexpected gift when we found a "free" used swingset along the road in our neighborhood. Neither of the children have stopped talking about the swingset ever since.

In addition to our family birthday celebrations, our local Chick-Fil-A was celebrating its birthday. So one morning last week we enjoyed free breakfast, thanks to Chick-Fil-A. And last Saturday we enjoyed free drinks as headed out to do some shopping, thanks to Chick-Fil-A's birthday giveaways!

Hooray for birthdays!


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