Deals Around Town


Here are a few deals I've taken advantage of recently.

At WalMart, I picked up 2 packages of dental floss, 2 packages of Kotex pads, and 2 packages of Ball pectin (to use for canning jam). All of these were BETTER THAN FREE. How does that happen? When an item is less than $1 but the coupon is for $1 off, WalMart gives you back the overage. So the dental floss was 88 cents, but my $1 coupon gave me the floss for free and an additional 12 cents off other items I was buying.

I picked up these items for less than $1 each.
Pull-up flushable wipes for 64 cents (after $1 off coupon).
Visine for 62 cents (after a $3 off coupon).
Bic 12-pack of razors for 57 cents (after $2 off coupon).
The Dial soap was 18 cents (after a 35 cents off coupon was doubled) at Kroger.

A month or more ago I received a coupon for a free package of Jif-To-Go. I picked that up last week while doing my regular grocery shopping.
Total cost = $0.

I love free!


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