The Pink Slip


My husband has been laid off from his job this week. He'd been there 6 years. The company also laid off 20-some other employees, some of whom had been employed there for decades. 

However, we have much to be thankful for. 

1. We saw this coming a few months ago, hearing rumors that lay offs and cutbacks were on the way. So we've been looking at our budget and discussing "worst case scenarios" for a few months. This made it somewhat less stressful because we were as prepared as we could be for this happening (without knowing with any certainty IF it would really happen or not).

2. His company is providing some severance pay, pay for unused vacation time, and help with 2-months worth of health insurance. Of course all of that will help during this transition. 

3. My husband is a hard-worker who is not looking for a handout. I'm so thankful for his determination and his work ethic. He desires to provide for our family, not sit around to collect unemployment on a long-term basis. 

4. God knows all about this. God knew it was coming. God knows what tomorrow holds. He has good plans in store for us and we're excited to see what the next steps will be. 

And so a new journey begins. If you think of us, join us in praying for God's direction and provision during this time.


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