Baby Traditions: The Cradle


This is our cradle.

This cradle is very special. My husband, who is both artistic and good at wood-working, designed and built this cradle. 

The year was 2003. Our baby was due in August. We lived in a small apartment in downtown Chicago. We had friends, though, in the northern Indiana area. One of these friends had a wood shop and lots of tools, which he graciously allowed my man to use. My hubby made many weekend trips to Indiana to work on the cradle parts. Then he brought it back to our tiny apartment and put it together. 

It is so very beautiful! And even more so because of the love that went into making it for our babies.

Here's one of our babes in the cradle. We use the cradle for the first month or so with our babies before they outgrow it. Then we etch their names in the bottom of it, as a record of who has used this precious cradle for their bed. 

Someday we'll pass this heirloom on to one of our children as they move into the parenting stage of life.

Another beautiful baby tradition!


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