Family Photo Friday


It's Friday once again which means I post a few photos from our week. 

We enjoyed a field trip to a local botanical garden this week. What fun! We are still seeing beautiful summer-like temps and lots of sun, which made the outdoor nature hiking a perfect activity.  

My son has been doing a little bit more formal schooling now. Still nothing too intense, but learning how to properly write letters and how to pronounce letter sounds. It's a struggle for me to not compare him with his fast-learning older sister who was reading at age 4. He's almost 6, loves to be read to but isn't showing many signs of being ready to read by himself yet. It'll come.

The penny horse ride at our local Meijer store. A favorite that just MUST happen when we make a rare visit to Meijer.

The biggest apple we'd ever seen, ready to be eaten. We were blessed with almost 40-pounds of apples last week = applesauce coming out our ears, almost. We love our apples and applesauce!

Happy weekend to you!


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