Baby Traditions: The Sweater


Here is "the sweater" 

This sweater is part of a tradition that goes back two generations now.

When my mother was pregnant with her first child, a friend knitted this sweater and hat set for her baby. She put my oldest brother in it when she brought him home from the hospital. She continued to use this sweater for the "going home" outfit for her next 3 children as well, including me. Then she packed it away as a keepsake. 

When grandchildren started arriving, she pulled it back out and has provided it for each of the grandchildren to wear. It's been shipped to Las Vegas, Chicago, Indiana and numerous locations around Wisconsin. 

Here's my jumbo-sized son wearing the petite sweater. My mom thought it was small on her 9-pound baby 40 years ago... it was even smaller on my 11-pounder! 

Last week my mom sent me a package with this little sweater in it, to include in our hospital bag for baby's going-home outfit. 

A beautiful baby tradition!


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