Baby Traditions: In-Utero Names


My husband and I started a tradition with our first child, giving an in-utero name for the baby. 

Back in 2003, when we were pregnant for the first time, we named our baby "Itty Bitty." This was the name we always used to refer to our baby, throughout the pregnancy. I was working full-time until my due date. My co-workers allowed me to set up "Itty Bitty's Pretty Piggy" - a real piggy bank in the office that collected loose change to start a savings account for the baby. 

In 2007, our in-utero baby name was "Tink" (short for Tinker). This was a perfect name for our son, though we didn't know at the time if the baby would be a boy or a girl. Turns out that our son is such a tinker (he gets that from his dad), loving to take things about and explore how they work and try to put them together again. The name Tink stuck with him for many months after his birth, as one of his toddler cousins had a hard time switching her mind from Tink to his real name. :-) 

 We used the name "Spark" and "Peanut" for two of the babies we lost to miscarriage.

This time around, we call our baby "Flutter" which again turns out to be very appropriate. This baby is very active - more than I remember with the others. Lots of flutters, movements, kicks and pokes are happening.

We like to choose in-utero names as a help to connect with baby even before birth. A little more personal and less generic than just always referring to "the baby."

Tomorrow I'll share another of our baby traditions!


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