Pregnancy - 34 Weeks


34 Weeks Along

The time is passing quickly. 
My belly is growing quickly. 

My husband and I finally settled on some names this week. We won't share them ahead of time, but it's a load off my mind to at least have settled the name issue. 

Sleep is becoming more elusive at night. I consider it preparation for late-night feedings and such. I still take a nap most afternoons, which helps get me through the rest of the day. 

People often ask if my kids are excited about the baby. My 10-year-old daughter remembers when we brought her little brother home almost 6 years ago. She remembers the crying and so she's not so excited about a new baby due to that one fact alone - the loud crying. My son, however, has no experience with a younger sibling so he's more excited (and doesn't know what to expect really).

Just a few more weeks until we meet Baby Flutter. 
We love you!


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