On the Tenth Day of Vacation, My True Love Said to Me...


On the tenth day of vacation, my true love said to me... "Let's make our last day as good as it can be!"

We woke up at the Williamsons' home and packed everything up. We said good-bye to our friends and thanked them for their friendship and hospitality.

I don't think I'd mentioned it before but these friends have 2 dozen chickens roaming their backyard. Those chickens kept my kids entertained for hours, no kidding! They were fun to watch as they explored and pecked and were scared of little things. I'm sure that the chickens will be remembered by my kids as a highlight of this trip and the one thing they remember most about our time with the Williamsons! 

The Williamson kids and my kids got along well too and enjoyed playing together as much as possible. Fun times with pretend guns, sticks, etc.  

We headed south for a scenic drive. We stopped a few times to enjoy beautiful spots like this one.

So much pretty scenery in Michigan. 

We ended our day at our last campsite, at Interlochen State Park. This was not our favorite campsite. There was no grass at the campsites - they were just dirt. 


There was a nice beach where we spent an hour or so in the late afternoon.

 And this campground boasted a nice playground that the kids enjoyed. 

So ended our 10th day of vacation.


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