On the Eleventh Day of Vacation, My True Love Said to Me...


On the eleventh day of vacation, my true love said to me... "Let's go home" and we did!

We had a rough night at our campsite. 
There was a large group of other campers who had reserved nearly every campsite around ours and they stayed up late and were LOUD! Quiet hours started at 10 pm. I called the camp hosts at 10:15 to request that they intervene with the noisy campers. It was 11pm before they came to deal with the noise. It was very late before we got to sleep that night and we were up with the sunrise the next morning. 

We had one more day of vacation planned, however, the thought of home overwhelmed us. Our own bed! A good night's sleep! Quick meals made in a kitchen with all the modern conveniences! We were all exhausted from our travels and were ready to be done.

It didn't take much convincing for our kids to be in agreement that home is where we should head.

The "Welcome to Indiana" sign was our welcome home.

I'm so glad that we cut the vacation short by that one day. The next day then allowed us one full day at home - to catch up on sleep, laundry, email, etc. My hubby was home for the day too, to help establish some sense of normalcy in our home with our kids before he then headed back to work the following day. So our 12 days of vacation turned out to be 11 days of vacation plus 1 day at home to recover!

I'll have one last post on our vacation, highlighting some of what we learned from the experience. 


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