A New Pet


A few months ago our beloved parakeet Weezy flew the coop, literally. You can read the sad saga here.

However, my daughter has recovered from her grief and saved up her chore money for a new bird. A few weeks ago we welcomed Boaz into our home.

Boaz is a yellow and green parakeet. He's a boy. He was chosen by my daughter because he was super active in the cage at the pet store. Since bringing him home, he is much more sedate and is very quiet. Our Weezy used to chirp almost constantly and would respond to us in a back-and-forth conversational style. Boaz is still adjusting to us, I think. Little by little, he is chirping more and getting accustomed to his cage and his space. 

Here's to a long and happy life for you, Boaz!


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