On the Eighth Day of Vacation, My True Love Said to Me...


On the eighth day of vacation, my true love said to me... "Let's go to an island via ferry!" 

 We woke up after camping out in the yard of our friends, the Williamsons. The forecast was all sunshine and warmth, so we planned for an outside adventure to Mackinac Island.

There are numerous ferries that can get you to the island and back. On the way to the island, we were inside the boat enjoying a great breeze through the open windows. 

The kids wanted to enjoy the 15-minute ride from the outside upper deck on the return trip.

 When we arrived, we walked around the main (touristy) part of the island. Mackinac is known for its fudge and there are a dozen shops on the island which all give free samples of their fudge. So we indulged in the samples... and ate the carry-on lunch we brought. Yes, we're frugal even on vacation! 

My hubby and daughter took a tandem bike ride around the island. It's an 8-mile ride, which took them an hour or so. This was a highlight of the entire vacation for my daughter.

Here's some of the island's shoreline. 

While they were riding the bike, my son and I visited the island's public library. There we read dozens of books and enjoyed the air conditioning. It was a welcomed quiet hour for us.  

Honestly, Mackinac Island was a bit of a disappointment to us. Besides the bike ride options or carriage options (which was super expensive), there was not much family-friendly fun to be found. There is a fort you can pay to visit. There were no public playgrounds or parks that we saw. Nothing screamed "this would be fun for younger children to do" even though the island claims to be a family tourist destination. Maybe we missed something, which is possible. But overall, it was the ferry ride to/from the island that was more fun than the time on the island itself. 

So we returned to the Williamsons, made supper at our campsite and went to bed. It was nice to not have to set up / tear down camp on this particular day. A good break from that routine, which was getting old. 

So ended our 8th day.


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