On the Sixth Day of Vacation, My True Love Said to Me...


On the sixth day of vacation, my true love said to me... "Let's find water as far as the eye can see."

We packed up from our campsite on day six, with sunny weather and temps quickly rising. We headed towards the biggest attraction in the Upper Peninsula - Tahquamenon Falls

It's a bit of a hike from the state park entrance and parking lot to get to the falls. The mosquitoes were bad, so we kept moving as much as possible. 

There is a 100-step staircase leading to the falls viewing area. As pregnant as I am, I still tackled it and am glad I did. What a view!

There is a second viewing area further down the river which looks back towards the falls. But it is another 100-step staircase, so I declined. But my hubby and son headed that way while my daughter and I rested.

My son noticed the DANGER sign matched his shirt that day.

These shots were from the Upper Falls. There are also Lower Falls, which we visited later in the day. 

The Lower Falls are much less spectacular, though easier to get to without much hiking. 

Then we headed towards the mouth of the Tahquamenon River to find where it meets up with Lake Superior. At the river's mouth, there is an incredibly shallow bay with water that was so warm. We enjoyed catching some rays the small beach. 


My hubby and kids walked out in the shallow water as far as the eye could see... and the water still wasn't to my hubby's waist! It stayed shallow for over 300 feet, allowing even the children to walk that far out without needing to swim at all. I timed them on their way back to the shore and it took over 6 minutes for them to walk back to the shore from how far out they were... it was that shallow! It felt like an optical illusion to see them walking in the water that far away from the shore.

Then we headed to our nearby campsite at Tahquemenon Falls State Park where we spent the night. And boy were we spent! It was a long day of heat and hiking. We were thankful for a good night's sleep!


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