On the First Day of Vacation, My True Love Said to Me...


On the first day of vacation, my true love said to me... let's visit Chicago's Moody!

A decade ago, I was a full-time employee at Moody Bible Institute. Prior to that I was a full-time student there and part-time employee. Every now and then when we pass through Chicagoland, we stop in and visit.

There are still a handful of employees in my old department who remember me. 

From Chicago, we headed north to Wisconsin. We paid a visit to the Bair family - who work with Campus Crusade for Christ's military ministry, focusing on the sailors passing through the Great Lakes Naval Station. We didn't grab any snapshots while we were there, but we all enjoyed visiting with their family for a few hours. My son enjoyed playing with all those boys - legos for a while, then swords in the backyard. Fun boy times! And my 10-year-old daughter and their 10-year-old daughter hit it off great. It was hard to leave!

From there, we headed slightly further north into Wisconsin to visit the Davis family (that's Ethan and Moriah in the picture, which is missing their 4 little boys). We stayed with them for the night, in our own large guest room (and our own bathroom). From day one, we were spoiled and felt like we were in a hotel! 

So ended our first day of vacation. The focus was clearly on relationships and reconnecting with old friends (and making new friends, which I'm happy to report our kids did very well with). Next up, day two!


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