Look, No Training Wheels!


Today was a big day at our house! 

My 5-year-old son learned to ride a 2-wheeler with no training wheels!

This is another example of how kids will do what they can in their own time. We've been encouraging him for a year to ride without training wheels, but he's not wanted to do it. For whatever reason, today something clicked in him. He's riding and doesn't want to stop! 

He is proud of himself and more excited than I've ever seen him. "I can't believe I can go on bike rides now! I can do it by myself!" 

As a side note, he sticks his tongue out while he rides which is hilarious and adorable!  He says it helps him. Ok. 

We sure love you, Buddy! And we love to see you growing up and learning to do more things on your own!


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