Rodent Round Up


Rodents. Not my favorite things, but lately we've had more then our fair share around! 

A week or so ago our niece Hannah asked if we would pig-sit her 2 guinea pigs while her family was on vacation. 

Enter Lily and Daisy. They lived for a week in our sunroom. My daughter learned that she likes taking care of animals. She cared for them very well and I was pleased with the level of responsibility she took for them. I learned that I may be allergic to guinea pigs. Not a big surprise, since I'm allergic to cats. Needless to say, I was glad to see them return home with Hannah!

We've also been setting a trap in our backyard to catch chipmunks. We thought we'd catch a couple and be done. We thought it'd be an easy way to keep them out of our garden. Well... 11 chipmunks later, we STILL see chipmunks running around the backyard!  The ones that we do catch, my husband takes to work and releases there. It's 20-minutes away, so the ones we still see in the yard CANNOT be the same ones. 

We've named each chipmunk that we've caught and are keeping track. Now we're placing bets as to how many we'll catch by summer's end! And with our foreign exchange student Sebastian around, we had him riffling through his Spanish/English dictionary to find the word for "chipmunk" - an animal he'd never seen before. 

I am just thankful that none of these rodents are staying in my house permanently. :-)

And that's all I have to say about our rodent round up!


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