Foreign Exchange Student - Week 4 and Good-bye


Our time with our foreign exchange student Sebastian is over. 

During the past week, the group of students enjoyed a beach day with a picnic lunch, ice skating at a local indoor rink, and an all-day trip to an amusement park. Last Saturday all of the host families and students got together for a farewell picnic. 

One evening, my daughter played "soccer" with Sebastian in the street, using a big bouncy ball. He loves soccer!

For our last supper with Sebastian, we headed to a local pizza restaurant. 

You can see that we're a very serious, no-fun-at-all type of family. :-)

Our last family picture with Sebastian.
And this morning we said good-bye!

 The 4 weeks passed very quickly and we were all sad to see Sebastian go. My daughter really bonded with him, so she was especially sad and teary.

It's been almost a year since we had our last foster children. The year that we spent fostering was difficult on our biological children. I have often wondered how deeply it scarred them. Seeing my daughter bond in a good, healthy way with Sebastian is part of the answer to that question. She is healing. She is still capable of loving someone and she is learning that sometimes in life you have to let go. 

Adios, Sebas!


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