4th of July


Here are a few shots from our neighborhood 4th of July parade. This is THE BEST part of living in our neighborhood.

They have a good old-fashioned parade every 4th of July. One amazing family puts on the entire event - lines up the local fire trucks to participate, buys donuts and popcorn and drinks for everyone (for FREE) afterwards, sets up a sound system to lead the group in singing God Bless America and then recognizing all the veterans who are present. They buy small prizes to give to EVERY kid who walks in the parade and an additional prize is awarded to those kids who decorate their bike/scooter/wagon with the most red, white and blue. 

We walk in the parade each year. 

Here's the line stretching around a corner ahead of us. 

And here's the line training behind us.
It really is a wonderful taste of America for our foreign exchange student. But it's also just a great time to join with our neighbors in celebrating America!  

The firemen even allow kids to check out the trucks. Of course, they love it!

It fluctuates from year to year, but there are anywhere from 200 to 400 people present for this parade. For us, it is the one time of the year you can count on seeing people you may miss the rest of the year.

Happy Independence Day!


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