The County Fair

Our county fair was held this week. My, oh my, it was hotter than Tabasco sauce, but we made it to the fair for a few hours. 

My son did a fair project this year, so we found his project in the exhibit hall. Here he is with the playdough mountain he made and his ribbon.

Our one must-do ride at the fair is the Ferris Wheel. Sebastian, our foreign exchange student, held onto the middle pole the entire time, so I'm thinking he's not a roller coaster fan. 

However, my daughter loves roller coasters and managed to talk Sebastian into riding a few of them with her. Rides like Pharaoh's Fury and Crazy Mouse.

This was the first year my 4-year-old son wasn't scared of the rides, so I took him on a few.  

Yahoo for the County Fair... and the air-conditioned buildings that provided us relief every 20 minutes or so. :-)


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