Foreign Exchange Student - Week 3


It's already been 3 weeks since our foreign exchange student Sebastian came to America. 

We haven't seen a lot of Sebastian this week. He got together with some other students and host families a few evenings last week. One family invited him over to spend the night on Friday, so he did. He was gone all day Saturday with them. On Sunday he spent the day with us - church, resting at home, then out to eat for my husband's birthday. But that evening he was sick and didn't sleep well. But Monday morning he felt better and was able to make it to the regularly scheduled activities - classes and excursions. 

The group has enjoyed a local waterpark, went bowling, played on go-karts, went to another beach and today is enjoying a sports/game day.  

Each evening we ask Sebastian how his class went that day. They have a theme or topic that they discuss, totally in English. One day it was technology, one day it was careers. On Friday, it was superstitions because it was the 13th. One day they debriefed their trip to Shipshewana, where they witnessed the Amish way of life. We had a good discussion that night about Amish, technology, the pace of life, work. Sebastian said, though, that if he couldn't have his cell phone, he'd rather die! In that way, I don't think 18-year-olds in Spain are any different from teenagers in America!

Now the countdown is on. 
Next Monday we say our good-byes to Sebastian. 


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