Foreign Exchange Student - Week 2

Another week with our foreign exchange student Sebastian has already passed. 

My daughter has enjoyed reading some books with him. He reads and she helps out with any words he doesn't know.  She has done really well with him, trying to communicate both in English and some in Spanish.

She's taught him how to play Cootie. He wasn't so impressed with that game.

And we worked on a puzzle of the 50 states. He was familiar with only 10-15 states. A few days later they talked about the states in his English class, so the puzzle would good preparation. 

He had two days off of classes last week, due to the 4th of July holiday. On one of his days off, I arranged for him to play tennis with my niece (the only person I know who plays tennis). Sebastian really likes tennis, so he was glad to have an opportunity to play. When classes resumed, they visited nearby Potato Creek State Park, went shopping at an outlet mall, and headed east to visit Amish country in Shipshewana.

Last weekend Sebastian went out for ice cream with another host family. One evening, we enjoyed swimming at the pool of some neighbors after the 100+ degree heat of the day. He also has gone with us to church, which is apparently quite different from anything he's known in Spain. My husband's father also had a retirement party last Sunday, so Sebastian was able to participate in that - both the party and the clean-up afterwards. 

Sebastian's visit is half over. 2 weeks down and 2 weeks to go before he returns to Spain.


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