Puddle Fun


A day or two ago we got a wonderful gift - RAIN! 
And lots of it! 

We have a ditch in our backyard and you can see how full of rain water it was.

After a very dry month, we are so thankful for a good soaking rain!

Rain = puddles. 

Puddles + kids = fun 

So I was a good mom this week. I said "yes" when they asked to go outside to play in the water. I said "sure" when they asked if they could run, jump and splash in the huge puddle. I said "no way" when they asked to come back into the house, covered with mud. I said "play longer" so they would get it all out of their system. The puddle fun lastly an hour before they were done (and before I was prepared to hose them off, strip them down and carry them to the bath tub). 

Total cost = nothing

My kids' memories of puddle fun = precious


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